W3 Customer Services

Customer Plant Cleaning Audit Contracts

W3 personnel have extensive experience with virtually every type of dirty cleaning application. Often an existing installation, regardless of the original supplier, has opportunities for improvements to enhance the cleaning result. The cleaning audit can uncover:

  • Continued minor changes in day-to-day operations that get overlooked until the cleaning process is inconsistent or ineffective.
  • Procedures or knowledge that get lost due to staffing changes.
  • Changes that develop over time and become habit or procedure.
  • Changes in the product that compromise the cleaning results
  • Fresh eyes to combat the "forest for the trees" syndrome on cleaning operations
Supplement your in-plant cleaning personnel with knowledgable W3 personnel who have experienced a wide variety of cleaning applications. W3 personnel do not bring information from other operations only their personal experience from years in industry. An audit can be a one-time overview survey or performed as a regularly scheduled audit contract.


transistor board

Repair/Replacement for Magnetostrictive Ultrasonics

W3 has wide experience with magnetostrictive constructed ultrasonic equipment and offer services to repair or replace existing magnetostrictive ultrasonics such as Westinghouse, Power Sonics, Branson and others.

There are two primary types of construction of ultrasonic transducers. One is piezoelectric or electrostrictive which is by far the most common. The other construction is magnetostrictive.

Both are as different as night and day. Magnetostrictive power makes it difficult to replace with piezoelectric units and still achieve the results of the magnetostrictive units.


Rework/Rebuild of Cleaning
Processes and Machines

In certain instances, W3 will consider rework or rebuild of existing cleaning processes or machines. Preliminary evaluation must be made to determine customer goals and expectations and then a proposal can be created.

Often, this can be the result of a cleaning audit which discloses weaknesses that some relatively minor rework can vastly improve the cleaning results and increase productivity


Trade-in Program for Ultrasonic Equipment

Regardless of the type of ultrasonic equipment in your plant, W3 has a trade in program to help you. It is like a used car lot, because W3 doesn't need used equipment for the sake of used equipment. Rather it is an opportunity for you to see high power ultrasonic equipment in action and benefit from the increased cleanliness and productivity. You will become a long time W3 customer.

W3 product and plant services requires discussion with W3 personnel to determine how our services can best fit user customer needs. Contact W3 directly.