The People


W3 Ultrasonics is a third generation of products offered by individuals with over 100 man years of experience in development and construction of magnetostrictive ultrasonics.

Originating with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, that experience included development of ultrasonic components, such as transducers and power supplies, continuing through design of complete machines for virtually every type of industrial parts cleaning application.

These individuals have vast experience with unique processes utilizing powerful magnetostrictive ultrasonics beyond parts cleaning.

The Products

W3 has now developed and introduced a line of exclusive SURROUND equipment in addition to the extensive array of more conventional products and machines to apply to virtually any commercial circumstance. These mostly center on powerful ultrasonics as the main cleaning/processing stage or stages. Just as our conventional equipment, W3 SURROUND equipment utilizes the principal of ultrasound cavitation action as the primary mechanical cleaning method. SURROUND design drives cavitation from some, or all, surrounding vessel sides rather than just one. This capability allows for better utilization of part configurations or loads than before possible.

Components Surround Consoles Continuous
Ultrasonic Components SURROUND Products Workstation Consoles Continuous In-Line
Single-Chamber Multi-Chamber Auto-Handling Other
Single-Chamber, Multi-Stage Multi-Chamber, Multi-Stage Automatic Material Handling Other Products


Mission Statement


Our mission is to use our years of experience in providing the highest quality service and products to meet our customer's requirements and to produce a fair return on investment to our members.

Striving for both insures that W3 can continue to innovate and continually develop improved capabilities for the benefit of all parties.


Why Ultrasonics?


Ultrasonics has proven over the years to be the prime driver in successfully accomplishing most industrial applications faster, more thoroughly and more consistently than any other mechanical or chemical method.

In fact, powerful ultrasonics has often shown to be the only method to produce successful results to both parts cleaning and non parts cleaning problems.

The continued development focus on ultrasonics has enabled W3 to produce ever more effective products for these problem solving situations.




Over the years our personnel have innovated and been involved in all aspects advancing high power magnetostrictive ultrasound design.

They have developed, produced and applied numerous unique transducer shapes, designs.

Coupled with various power supplies, these transducers produce different effects and unique new machines including ultrasonics to fully encapsulate products as they flow continuously in-line for high output productivity.

Now, we announce that we have progressed to larger and more versatile round, or cylindrical, vessel use for high power applications with our exclusive SURROUND products. W3 will continue to innovate and develop to solve problems that others cannot.




W3 has secured extensive manufacturing capability for product and machine production with our domestic and international partners.

Exclusive arrangements mean that W3 can be your complete source for a wide range of equipment and machines including large and one-off special custom systems.

In addition, we will be manufacturing our new SURROUND products and expanding those offerings as new models go into the line.



Look for W3 at the Wire Expo 2014 (Booth #148) being held in Indianapolis at the Indianapolis Convention Center on May 6 and 7, 2014.

Featured will be the redesigned cylindrical transducers and redesigned power supplies. Contact W3 for details and we will see you there!